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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let's get caught up...

So... another goal for 2014 was to take more pictures with what I call my "real" camera, (otherwise known as my dslr). I went through a really long phase where I pretty much never took my camera out. I was phasing away from photography into more design, and I don't know... somehow it seemed annoying and bulky... you have to change lenses... its heavier than my phone... Well that trend is over! I feel sad because I'm pretty rusty. I am taking you along on the journey as I get back into my groove :) 

January 2014 (let's get caught up)

This puppy dog loves the beach almost as much as we do, almost. 
He's trained her not to bite his nose, nibbles and kisses only.
The most handsome birthday boy ever.
A cold rainy morning.
This guy never seems to need as much sleep as I do.

February 2014

The Perrenouds have arrived!
Best vday ever.
This little boy and his mamma.
Jett and a donut.
Best friends.
That's definitely a kitty toy.
This is what morning looks like lately.
Lover pants and Jason went to a Jazz game!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh baby Thorin :)

We were so lucky to get to help our great friends Natalie and Court welcome their sweet little guy to the world! One of the perks to knowing how to handle myself behind a lens is that sometimes, when I'm really LUCKY I get an invitation to come see little bundles of joy when they are super, SUPER teeny tiny. I love it! With Thorin it was love at first sight! His little monkey feet and button nose melted my heart! Tell me I didn't just give you baby fever? 
Designing his announcement was SO much fun. Congrats to our friends! Cutest babe ever! 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have already stuffed your face with chocolates, cookies and whatever else is being delivered to you on this fine pink & red overload of a day.

Ready for more pink overload? And an overload of cuteness? I sure hope so. Because that's what you're going to get!

This past weekend I had the chance to photograph my (almost one year old) twin cousins. Amelia and Isabella aka Amy & Bella. My aunt is going to surprise her husband with these photographs today as a Valentines gift!

Here is the beautiful Amy. . .

And the adorable Bella. 

Now, I've never taken pictures of little twins before. Let me just say it was hard to get both of them in the same pictures where they were both looking and one wasn't crawling away.

Luckily we had my brilliant sister Taryn (she is also the nanny to these little ones) as the master distracter and the one that could get them to smile. Plus it also helped that Amy & Bella are fascinated and probably a little scared of my husband so every time he walked in the room they would stare at him. I could always snap a few pictures before his presence would make them cry.

Yes, they are staring at Aaron in this picture below.

And I have to say that this one is one of my favorites. I don't know why crying pictures amuse me, but they do. I think I like them because they're the reality of it all. This is what is really happening 80% of the time during a baby photo shoot. Plus it's reminiscent of my own "sisterly love". 

And here the babies are with their beautiful mother. 



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Monday, February 10, 2014

Kiss Kiss! Free Valentine Download

 THIS FRIDAY is valentines day! (how did that happen?) If you are feeling just as snuck up on as most of us, don't worry! I've got your back. If you're a follower, you know that this year I'm challenging myself to start painting. You can read about it here. This project was another painting project. Still trying to figure out the best way to convert my paintings to digital files. Any suggestions? 
Download the printable file here.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Social... with toddlers!

Kristen has another party for us, take it away Kristen! 
What's not to love about Valentine's Day? Red and pink, hearts, the year's best candy...
I wanted to host a Valentine's party for my sweet daughter and her little girlfriends. I just loved the idea of a formal sit-down party complete with food, treats, and a very festive, busy tablescape. Evelina and her friends sure thought they were little stars with their fancy place settings and a meal they got to make all by themselves.  

The morning started out with a quick photo sesh. 

I (Ahem. My husband) made this photo backdrop with 4 PVC pipes, 2 elbow fittings, and 2 'T' fittings.  The pipes come in 10' lengths, but were trimmed down to size with a $10 pipe cutter (we already had this from last year's sprinkling system project). It is so inexpensive and can be taken down and stored for several more parties.

  I draped the pipes with mismatched ribbons, paper cutouts and crepe paper fringe.  I secured the ribbons either by tying the pieces together or clipping it together.  

As each girl arrived,she got her picture taken with the backdrop.  We did this at the beginning, get messy.  Fast.  

Next, they were seated at the formal table and began to make their lunch. I bought pita breads and cut them into the shapes of hearts. Each place setting had its own marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Every little girl knew exactly what to do without having to be told by their mamas! Smart little girls! The pizzas went in the oven for a quick five minute baking and the girls munched on treats. We had cupcakes, cakepops, fruit and jello. 

*Tip: I made these placemats out of two pieces of 12"x12" scrapbook paper and a simple embellishment.  For two placemats, you will need three pieces of paper.  Cut one page right in half with a paper slicer, so it becomes two pieces of 12"x6".  Slightly overlap the 12"x12" and the 6"x12" pieces and glue together.  Cover the seam with any embellishments (ribbon, a different paper pattern, fabric, etc).  So easy and cheap!*

After the girls ate, it was craft time.  I kept the craft VERY simple and fast! I picked up some foam hearts and embellishments for decoration.  Each little girl got a few dots of glue and let their imagination run wild with puffs, pipe cleaners, jewels, and little foam hearts.  
...And that was it! Short and sweet. Absolutely perfect for this age group. The girls had a blast!
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Monday, January 27, 2014

You're a peach!

With the holidays past, if you're like me, you're feeling pretty thankful! We made out like bandits this year! My birthday is in December, and Chan's is the beginning of January, so we get spoiled! I try (really, really hard) to send thank you notes. It doesn't always happen, and its usually several weeks later... 
I made these cards super little, because I find that typically the smaller something is, the cuter. Babies, kittens, pastries... you see my point? I used brown paper bags (from Winco) to make the envelopes, super easy AND environmentally friendly. 

You can download the card design and the envelope template here! 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

A Goal in 2014

One of my (many, many) goals for 2014 was to start painting. I have fallen in love with it (yes, all of it), and can often be found drooling over print shops like Rifle Paper Co, or The Painted Arrow. I recently read an interview with.... someone amazing, (can't remember who!), but in the article they said if they were to give one piece of advice to someone it would be this: If you want to be a painter, start painting every day, this advice can be applied to anything- you want to be a pretzel maker (really, pretzels?) then start making pretzels!
 Now I have about a hundred things I want to be, most of the time thats motivating and exciting, but sometimes it's overwhelming. To stay on the inspiring, happy side I am trying to focus on just a few (ten or twenty) things!  
Soooo.... I made a goal to paint a picture (almost) every day and find a way to use pieces of the painting in a design. I am excited to share this journey with you! If you'd like to download a print, click here.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Homemade Vanilla Extract

So I am going to just say, judge all you want. Judge my half empty vanilla bottle, and the fact that this was a gift I made for my family... last year. Done judging? Good. Making the vanilla extract is super simple, and if you look on Pinterest there are a million posts about it! All you really need to know: 
• 2 (ish) vanilla beans (vanilla beans are easy to find, we bought ours on amazon) for every 5 oz of vodka/bourbon/whisky. 
• Shake gently every week for 6-8 weeks before using.

If you don't wait, you are just giving people a small shot of flavored of alcohol. If you are like me and waited until the last minute, include a cute note that tells when the vanilla is good for use, and instructions on shaking every week. They'll enjoy it even more if they put a little work into it, right? 

 I made my label to be specific to the beans and the alcohol I was using, as well as the date the extract was good by, but for you I kept it plain so you can use whatever you want! Download a 3 inch label here, 2 inch here and 1 inch here

Enjoy! -Noelle
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Friday, December 6, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

Happy (almost) Christmas! I love everything about this time of year! Yes, even the snow. Until December 26, snow is cozy and festive. To bring even more cheer to your home, you can download the cute 12 Days of Christmas design you see above by clicking right... HERE! Print is sized to 11x17! Enjoy! 

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'm pretty jealous that Noelle had such an awesome opportunity to go to Thailand, but then I really can't complain because while she was there I was relaxing in the Caribbean.

The hubs and I got to go on a cruise that left from Tampa and stopped in Cozumel Mexico, Belize, Roatan Honduras, and then the Cayman Islands. And it was fantastic. The weather was perfect and each port was beautiful.

So before our blog goes all Christmasy I need to share some of my adventures with you.

The first item of business once on the ship was to locate the soft serve ice cream. Check.
I ate so much ice cream, and every night at dinner I ordered the chocolate melting cake. HEAVEN, I'm telling you. I definitely came home fatter.

Ready for a picture overload? Good.

First stop: Cozumel.

We went snorkeling and then shopping in town. We bought the most souvenirs here and after it was all through I was exhausted. You are never alone in any shop, the owner is hovering over your shoulder convincing you to buy something he saw you glance at. Luckily Aaron is a pro bargainer and good at saying no.

Next stop: Belize

We went cave tubing here. Don't have any pictures to show because the Go Pro batteries ran out before we even reached the caves. It was a ton of fun though. And I had plenty of women calling at me to get my hair braided.

Third stop: Honduras


We rented a car and drove around the island with a tour guide. He told us what to stop and see. 

He took us to a beach where we could spy on these people getting their dolphin tour. It seemed a little sketch at first but then I got this shot and couldn't complain.

This was probably my favorite stop because it was unbelievably beautiful. The beaches, the trees, the tropical flowers.

Our tour guide was taking photos of us in front of this view and asked if we wanted to "have a moment" for the picture. He told us to kiss, I guess we were being boring just standing there smiling. 

Then we went on a monkey/bird tour. 

Playing with these monkeys was probably my top favorite thing that we did.

Lastly, we snorkeled. 

Last stop: Cayman Islands

This actually ties with Honduras as my favorite. The water was such a gorgeous blue. 

We went to Sting Ray City, which was SUPER cool. Seriously guys, if you ever find yourself in the Cayman Islands you NEED to go there. You take a boat out to this sand bar where there are TONS of sting rays swimming around. 

When I first hopped off the boat it was totally freaking. They are HUGE and brush up against you as they swim by. But after a little bit Aaron and I were swimming around with our Go Pro and goggles getting some great footage. 

We didn't get any pictures of the sting rays, so I'll have to go and take some stills of the video footage we have. 

And yes, I was the person that took photos of the cheesy photos that the cruise ship tries to sell to you for a bajillion dollars. Okay - not a bajillion but more than they should cost.

• • • 

While on the ship honestly, we took a lot of naps and kind of went to bed early most nights. Just after such full days of running around we got pretty tired. 

We did go to a ventriloquist show where the puppet said he had a crush on me and made me come up on stage so he could sing to me. Then Aaron was pulled up on stage to "be a puppet" and the ventriloquist talked for him as he moved his mouth. The rest of the week people on the ship kept on coming up to him telling him how funny he was and that they thought he was a part of the act. We were basically like celebrities. ;)

My favorite part about being on the ship was always coming back to a clean room with a towel animal waiting for us.

And the formal nights were pretty fun too.

So that's it! Sorry for the very long post but there was just too much to share! 
Now that I've caught you all up, it's time to go crazy on Christmas crafting, decorating, and eating.

So stay tuned for that!


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